Named after the cigar-smoking and tree-dwelling giant that supposedly roamed the area and called Agta Beach home, Agta Beach Resort quietly opened in the early 1980s after retired public school teachers Mesyong and Pesing Sabitsana welcomed guests to their little piece of paradise.

unnamedAgta Beach Resort began with a few tables for daytrippers, but with the sudden influx of tourists to this once sleepy cove, rooms, cottages and a beach house were eventually constructed for those who wanted to experience the laid back Agta Beach Resort lifestyle firsthand.


Already known for its gorgeous sunsets and yummy, must-try roast chicken, Agta Beach Resort is on the rise once again with the addition of a scuba shack that will allow our guests to get up close and personal with our fishy friends.

There are a lot more in the works for Agta Beach Resort and we can’t wait to share them all with you!

We hope to see you soon 🙂

* Thanks to Reto Sinniger for the photo of Mesyong and Pesing!

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