Island Hopping

With its unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters and lush islands, it’s no wonder that Biliran has maintained its allure as a secret paradise. In order to get the full Biliran experience, we highly recommend blocking off a day or two to visit and explore our islands.

First stop is Dalutan Island which is right in front of Agta Beach Resort and is a mere 15-20 minute boat ride away. For the more adventurous, we dare you to kayak (or swim!) all the way to Dalutan Island.

Dalutan Island, located just 15 minutes by boat from a resort in Agta Beach, Almeria in the main island of Biliran, is much smaller than Higatangan but it boasts a nice strip of white sand along an otherwise rocky shoreline. Coconut palms and trees serving as nesting places for exotic birds protected us from the afternoon sun. There is no resort on the island but there are native kiosks that picnickers could rent for the day and a cottage for overnight stay.

Best known for its moving sandbar, coral gardens and rock formations, Higatangan Island has also earned its place in history as the place where President Ferdinand Marcos sought refuge from the Japanese during World War II. After his boat capsized, Marcos was rescued by a local fisherman* who recognized the former president and hid him and his party until they could be smuggled to safety to continue their fight against the Japanese.

Farther north is Maripipi Island which features an extinct volcano right in its center. The island is mostly covered in dense jungle, with palm trees shading its beaches, creating a verdant trail broken only by the azure waters surrounding it.

Saving the best for last, a few minutes away by boat from Maripipi Island is Sambawan Island.

Sambawan Islands is a string of stony islets linked by boulders. The eastern side, facing Maripipi Island, harbors some stretches of white-coral beach and crystal waters, while the western side has┬ábeautiful volcanic outcrops that wouldn’t look out of place in El Nido. Some native cottages have been recently put up to accommodate visitors.

Island tours can be arranged with the Agta Beach Resort management. For questions on rates or if you want us to set a guided tour for you, you may call us up at (63)927-977-2867 or email us at


*Trivia: The fisherman was Fidel Limpiado, Sr., father-in-law of Agta Beach Resort’s founder Clemencio “Mesyong” Sabitsana, Sr.

**Dalutan and Higatangan images and quotation from Shoestring Travelers.

*** Maripipi and Sambawan images and quotation from EAZY Traveler.

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